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Pre-Fit Barrel Specs                   M-LEV Instructions

Night Vision/Thermal Mount             Rear Stock Pack


308 Production Rifle                             243 Production Rifle

6 Creedmoor Production Rifle            6.5 Creedmoor Production Rifle


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Magazine, 308Win, 5 round capacity McRees Precision Logo USA Ball Cap McRees Precision, TT Mag Pouch MCU
Magazine, 308Win, 5 round capacityMcRees Precision Logo USA Ball CapMcRees Precision, TT Mag Pouch MCU

This magazine is for short action bolt rifles and feeds the 308 Win and 762 NATO cartridge and any other calibers based off of the 308 Winchester cartridge. This magazine fits all McRee rifle stocks and aftermarket bottom metals set up for the...

McRee Signature Logo ball cap

This Mag Pouch will securely hold one AICS style 10 round 7.62 (.308) magazine. Features an open top design with an adjustable bungee retention strap that allows for silent removal of your magazine and modular webbing on the front and back to...





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US PATENT # 9,170,067


US PATENT # 9,593,909


US PATENT # 9,593,896


US TRADEMARK # 5,107,995


US TRADEMARK # 5,191,245


US TRADEMARK #5,203,921