Soft Case, ATACS-iX Drag Bag

42 inch Drag Bag/Back Pack Combo

This Drag Bag/Back Pack is designed for our Folding Chassis with a 26in barrel or a weapon up to 42 inches long. This system was designed for the operator, by the operator. We have worked with Tactical Tailor to come up with the do-all end-all system.  We have removed all the external 'molle' connections and opted for a very clean, yet adaptable and functional loop connection system. When you need to 'veg up', you can. We have provided 2 external storage compartments that have internal connections for your gear. One compartment has a removable section for your choice of components. The internal rifle storage area, is removable and doubles as a padded shooting platform. This shooting platform has an area for your bipod to find a repeatable purchase and a section that holds your suppressor, if using one. There is a set of back pack straps that can be stowed, nothing to hang up on, nice and clean. We provide a drag strap too. All components can be separated or left in a tethered mode. If you need to DD out, just grab one part and the rest will follow. Padding is generous and extra thickness/protection is provided at the points most prone to wear.

Once again 'We are the solution', designed and made in the USA !!!

Soft Case, ATACS-iX Drag Bag
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