Rifle Weight, 3-Slot, 1 Pair

 1 Pair of Rifle Weights

4 11/16 inch '3 Slot'

Fits the popular 'MLOK'® pattern


Off-Set Slot Lugs

2 Quick Detach Sockets

Attractive Mill Finish

High Weight Per Inch Ratio


Length, 4.687 inches

Height: 1.187 inches

Thickness: .400 inch

Weight: 10.6 ounces

Pair Weight: 21.2 ounces

(1 1/3 Pound)

This weight set is loaded with what the Profesional and Competetive shooters need the most. Versatility, Quality and Innovation

The off-set slot lugs allow you to add weight high or add weight low, you decide how your rifle runs.

Quick detach points give you the freedom to add any aftermarket shooting accessory that connects via a Flush Cup Socket/Quick Detach Socket.

Brass as a material of choice gives you a high weight per inch ratio

2.25 ounces per 1 inch

Value Factor: 100% Full Bang for your Buck

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