RIFLE SCOPE BASE, Armalite, AR50 60MOA Modular Base

60 MOA Modular Scope Base

Compatible with the

Armalite AR50 Bolt Action


This Modular Scope Base includes an 1 main base/mount and 1 - 60 MOA pic rail insert.

Our Rifle Scope Bases are machined from "6061-T6 Bar Stock" and are a true 'M1913 Pic Pattern'. This Ht. accommodates larger objective scopes and keeps your head more vertical for better accuracy.

The upper and lower sections are aligned with a male-female socket for true fitment and added strength and held together with 4 10-32 fasteners.

Weight loss and added function is a win-win. Our Mod-Base weighs 9.8 ounces less than factory 30moa steel base.

Height: +/- .925 inches Front

Height: +/- 1.055 inches Rear

Weight: +/- 7.7 ounces

Length: +/- 7.686 inches

All bases are shipped with a durable non-gloss black finish

RIFLE SCOPE BASE, Armalite, AR50 60MOA Modular Base
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