McRees Precision Barrel Kit - 300winmag


Guaranteed Accuracy of 1/2 MOA or better


These barrels are produced exclusively for us to our demanding

specifications and will give you awesome performance!

This type of barrel is very easy to install once you remove your remington rifle barrel, you will install this barrel just like a savage barrel. There are several places to buy barrel vise jaws, action wrenches and head space gauges and we carry a full line of the rest of the parts. You can purchase individually or in a kit.

We recommend that this barrel be installed by a qualified person. Never work on any firearm with out following approved safety procedures.


DIY, 24 inch, 10 twist, 5 groove, 300 Winchester Magnum


Pre-Fit Replacement barrel for the Remington style rifles.


Our barrels are Stainless Steel, threaded 5/8x24 at the muzzle


and are threaded 1 1/16 x 16 at the breach.


The barrel diameter at the muzzle is +/-  .900 inch


Our stainless steel Barrel Nut is set up for 1 1/16 x 16 barrel threads.


Our stainless steel recoil lug has a 1/8 inch removable locator pin and is set up for 1.0625 dia barrel threads.


Our stainless steel wrench is cut to the best tolerances in the industry! It will give you years of flawless service.


Our aluminum thread protector is knurled for easier removal, +/- .900 in diameter and +/- .675 in length. Black anodized finish.


The MP Logo insures that you have one of the best rifle products produced!


Why carry the weight of a conventional 1000 yard barrel when you can get the same accuracy from about 4.5 pounds?

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