McRees Precision, Barrel Blank, 6mm/243

6mm/.243, 3 groove, 7.7 twist, 80% Barrel Blank

This barrel is designed to fit actions with a 1 1/16 x 16 TPI tenon

Typical use is Remington style actions

Our barrels are Stainless Steel, threaded 5/8x24 at the muzzle

The barrel diameter at the muzzle is +/- .900 inch

  Threaded 1 1/16 x 16 at the breach

Threads are 1 5/8 long, plenty for a nutted install

Why carry the weight of a conventional 1000 yard barrel when you can get the same accuracy from a sub 4.5 pound barrel?

Guaranteed Accuracy of 1/2 MOA or better



There is no chamber or bolt nose counter bore cut on these barrels. That part has to be completed before the barrel can be fitted and head spaced.

Our barrels are produced exclusively for us to our demanding

specifications and will give you awesome performance!

We recommend that this barrel be installed by a qualified person. Never work on any firearm with out following approved safety procedures.

McRees Precision, Barrel Blank, 6mm/243
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