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McRees Precision Tripod Adapter, Arca-Swiss McRees Precision Tripod Adapter, Manfroto McRees Precision Forearm Weight Plate
McRees Precision Tripod Adapter, Arca-SwissMcRees Precision Tripod Adapter, ManfrotoMcRees Precision Forearm Weight Plate

This adapter plate fits the most popular Arca-Swiss patterned tri-pod heads. It mounts underneath the forearm of the G10 and G7 stock systems. Hardware included.

The McRee's Precision Tripod Adapter fits the 2 most popular Manfroto heads and the standard Leupold tripod as well. All G10 Systems include the mounting rail when shipped and the G7 has the hole pattern for the 7 slot rail we sell in our...

This WP System for the G5, G7 and G10, mounts under your forearm and can be oriented forward or backward for balance ajustment. It attaches to the old Tactical and Hunter fore ends and to the...




McRees Precision CB Ryder for the RPR Rifle McRees Precision, Rear Bag Rider
McRees Precision CB Ryder for the RPR RifleMcRees Precision, Rear Bag Rider

"CB Ryder" Bag Rider Attachment for the RPR Rifle, the "CB Ryder" slides over the pic rail under the back of you RPR and gives you good shape for sitting on your favorite squeeze bag or in a Protector style rear bag. Great option...

The "Bag Rider" mounts under the rear of the G7-10 and BR10-15 Stock Systems and gives you good shape for sitting in the Protector style rear bags. Great option for Benchrest or F-Class rifles! Our Bag Rider is +/- 1 inch wide at the...