McRee Accessory, Rifle Caddy, TAN499

The "Rifle Caddy"

Our 'Rifle Caddy' is the answer to moving that ELR Rifle around. The system can be adjusted to carry your rifle on your shoulder or in a suit case manner.

This model does not fit the big clam shell brakes. This model is designed for Terminator/FatBastard style brakes.


Fits most popular muzzle breaks

Length: 40-66 inches, Fully Adjustable

Mil Spec. Webbing, 500D Cordura, Thread, Adjusters and Keepers

Dbl layered and Dbl stitched at all wear and support points

The Rear Pocket can be inverted to match the most popular stocks

The color is TAN499 and it compliments the popular MultiCam® pattern.



McRee Accessory, Rifle Caddy, TAN499
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