McRee Accessory, Rear Slider-RPR, Long Flat

McRees Precision "Manny Slider"

Flat, Rear Bag Slider compatible with the Ruger® RPR Rifle and any other with a pic rail for attachment.

4 locking screw sockets give you ample settings for short rails and for forward adjustment on the Ruger® RPR Rifle.

Only needs 3 of the 4 sockets for a secure connection. Ships with 3 set screws and an allen wrench for installation.

Great option for Benchrest or F-Class rifles!

The Manny Slider is +/- 1 inch wide at the top, +/- 1 inch tall and 5 1/2 inches long. It has a rounded contour for nestling into the rear bag. This size typicaly fits well in the aftermarket bags with what is called a 3 Stitch or 3/8 spacing between the bag ears.

This slider is flat and comes Black matte finish only

Weight: +/- 6 ounces

A good customer and friend gave us the push, Thank You Manny!


McRee Accessory, Rear Slider-RPR, Long Flat
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