McRee Accessory, Night Vision Mount, 0-MOA, 1.500

Night Vision Mount - Zero MOA

This Night Vision Mount fits the standard G5, G7, G10 Stock Systems and will also fit the Accuraccy Solutions FAST System, 4 Mounting Hole Fore ends.

It is not designed to work with MLOK slots. It is an overbarrel saddle mount and can be used to attach many different clip on devices.

The mount is aprox. 4 inches long, has 10 slots and is 100% made in the USA.

If you have a McRee "Big Bore", "50 cal" system or a Accuracy Solutions Fast System with 6 mounting holes for the fore end, this mount will not fit. You must order the mount for those systems, they are larger.

Weight is +/- 4 ounces and comes with the correct mounting hardware.

Color: Armor Black, bake on cerakote

Pictured below: Accuracy Solutions FAST System with the mount attached.

McRee Accessory, Night Vision Mount, 0-MOA, 1.500
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