Magazine, PMAG-STD Long Action, 270, 30-06 Calibers, 5Rd

This magazine is for standard long action bolt rifles chambered in 30-06, 270 WIN. Many other long action calibers will work with this magazine to include the 6.5-284.

The PMAG 5 AC L, Standard is a reliable and durable polymer magazine for the 30-06 based family of cartridges and is compatible with long action AICS-AIAW spec bottom metal. Built using M3 technology, this magazine is advanced in both material and manufacturing processes providing an economical, lightweight, durable and reliable single-stack bolt action magazine.

This magazine fits all McRee long action rifle stocks requiring a std long action magazine and aftermarket bottom metals set up for the NATO/AI style magazines.


Capacity: 5 rounds

Cartridge over all length: 3.550 +/-

Magazine over all length: 3.725 +/-

Fitment with out any modification: 6.5-284, 284 and many other similar cartridges.

Magazine, PMAG-STD Long Action, 270, 30-06 Calibers, 5Rd
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