G7 Standard, Savage Long Action, Single Shot

G7 Single Shot Stock

Savage Long Action, Side/Bottom Bolt Release

5.0625" action screw spacing




Non-Folding or Side-Folding Rear Assembly


Extended LOP, changes to 14 -16 inches


Integral Mono-Pod/Bag Rider


Integral Arca Dove Tail/Area419-ARCA LOK



Approx. Weights and Measures:


Box Mag, Non Folding, 5.1 pounds


Box Mag, Side-Folding, 5.25 pounds






STD. LOP, 12-14 inches


Ext LOP Option, 14-16 inches


Cheek Well, up-down/fore-aft 1.5 inches


But Pad, up-down 1.25 inches


Mono-Pod, vert. adj. 0-1 in. optimum, 1.25 max.

offers all you will ever need and then some! It's a drop in DIY "Rifle Chassis/Stock" upgrade that includes our:

Patented M-LEV "Embedded Cant-Indicator"

Its really simple, you can do the change over in minutes with some basic tools to take your rifle apart and a set of tools and instructions that come with your order.

Dont forget to torque your actions screws.

 Orders normally ship in 4-7 days.

G7 Standard, Savage Long Action, Single Shot
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