G7 Standard, Savage Arms Long Action, 3.725 Mag

(Pic above shows Options)

The G7 Stock System for Long Action Savage Rifle

Uses AIAW 3.725 style mags

This is the std length long action magazine

It's all you will ever need and then some! drop in DIY "Rifle Chassis/Stock" upgrade.


Non-Folding or Side-Folding Rear Assembly

Extended LOP, changes to 14 -16 inches

Integral Mono-Pod/Bag Rider

Integral Arca Dove Tail/Area419-ARCA LOK

Approx. Weights and Measures:

Box Mag, Non Folding, 5.1 pounds

Box Mag, Side-Folding, 5.25 pounds



STD. LOP, 12-14 inches

Ext LOP Option, 14-16 inches

Cheek Well, up-down/fore-aft 1.5 inches

But Pad, up-down 1.25 inches

Mono-Pod, vert. adj. 0-1 in. optimum, 1.25 max.

Follow the drop down menus and you are ready to go.

Its really simple, you can do the change over in minutes with some basic tools to take your rifle apart and a set of tools and instructions that come with your order.

Dont forget to torque your actions screws.

 Orders normally ship in 4-7 days.

G7 Standard, Savage Arms Long Action, 3.725 Mag
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