G7 Rem 700 Long Action 300 Kit

 This kit is for a Remington 700 style "long action" receiver.

The package includes: a G7 Tactical-Folding Stock System coated FDE, a 300win mag barrel kit, a 5 rnd 300winmag magazine and a Rear Stock Pack. Priced to reflect a generous discount for buying several parts at once.

The barrel will not be coated, allows you to match your action and barrel color when done.

The G7 stock has our patented "Embedded Cant Indicator" included.

The barrel is SS and 24 inches long. Rifling is 10 twist per inch, 5 groove. The muzzle is threaded 5/8x24 and the muzzle diameter is approx .900 of an inch.

You can look at the individual product pages for greater detail.

When you have finished the project you will have a superb rifle equal to any of the custom builds on the market.

G7 Rem 700 Long Action 300 Kit
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