G10 STANDARD Rifle Stock

The G10 Rifle Stock

The most durable and lightest system available!

This is a "Dual Cheek Piece" stock and comes with a "McRee" Fore Arm that can use a UNS mount and accommodate the *MAGPUL* *MLOK* accessories.

The folding model for Rem 700 short action is under 4 pounds!

Fixed Rear or Side-Folding Rear, your choice!

REMINGTON 700 Short/Long Action

Sako "Tikka T3" AICS or CTR Magazines

Kelbly Atlas Short Action

Includes our:

M-LEV "Embedded Cant-Indicator" and this stock converts your rifle to detachable box magazines. The Tikka T3 can run the AICS or CTR mags, choose from the drop down menu.

The fore arm is about 12 1/2 inches long from the recoil lug forward. The Remington stock will take recoil lugs up to 3/8 inch thick.

This system is designed for the 'run an gun' tactical guy and also makes for a great hunting stock when your trying to build something that doesnt weigh as much as a full on Tactical/Sniper system.

Its really simple, you can do the change over in minutes with some basic tools to take your rifle apart and a set of tools and instructions that come with your order.

Dont forget to torque your actions screws.

 Orders normally ship in 4-7 days.

  • Trigger Group: fits Timney, Rem Factory and similar triggers
G10 STANDARD Rifle Stock
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