F.A.S.T. Chassis

Fontcuberta Advanced Sniper and Tactical Chassis System

The result of a collaborative effort between Mcreesprecision, world renowned shooter and sniper instructor Mr. Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta and Accuracy Solutions LLC.

The foundation of this chassis is the proven McRee G7 Chassis System.

The G7 has been around for many years and is currently in use world wide by elite military units, law
enforcement agencies, competitive shooters and shooting enthusiasts in general. The G7 has confirmed, sucsessful battlefield engagements beyond 1400 meters.

Eduardo is the author of many magazine articles an a book as well. Eduardo has spent a great portion of his life teaching precision rifle techniques to the most elite of military forces, world wide. He is a patriot by anyones standards and continues to persue the growth and furtherment of the skills of our Sniper Comunity and Competitive shooters.

Daniel Gyurec of Accuracy Solutions LLC is the inventor behind the internally housed extention system that moves the Fulcrum of the rifle forward. The Archimedes principle. Accuraccy Solutions offers different options from clamp on to embedded. The end result is that you will have less verticle in your shot groups and a greater percentage of 1st round hits.

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