FAST System, Stiller TAC338 CIP Mag

BiPodeXT F.A.S.T. Chassis

Stiller TAC338 CIP Magazines

CIP Magazines only, 3.850 outside dimension

 Its really simple, you can do the change over in minutes with some basic tools to take your rifle apart and a set of tools and instructions that come with your order.

Shoot Better!

  • Experience steady cross hairs
  • Mitigate recoil
  • Manage –reduced- recoil better
  • Reacquire your target faster
  • Spot your own shots
  • Rest your bipod on vertical surfaces (e.g. trees, walls)
  • Correct canting through the rotating tubes (lock your bipod and leave it alone!)


  • Extended state distance from recoil lug to bipod’s attachment point: 29.5”
  • Contracted state distance from recoil lug to bipod’s attachment point: 14.5”
  • Adjustable at any distance between contracted and extended states
  • Folding buttstock
  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Adjustable cheek pieces
  • Adjustable butt pad height
  • ARCA Swiss rail built-in
  • AICS Style box mag, 3.850"
  • Rear bag rider and mono­pod adaptable
  • Built-in cant indicator
  • Fore-Aft sling locations, both sides
  • Night vision mount ready
  • Featuring a patented, self-aligning, self-bedding “W” bed, this system beats traditional bedding practices easily.
  • Materials: 6061 T-6 Aluminum and 3K carbon fiber


Weight: (


Don't forget to torque your actions screws.

FAST System, Stiller TAC338 CIP Mag
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