Big Bore M50, ELR Prone Rifle Stock, Single Shot

ELR Competition

Prone - Rifle Stock

McMillan/JJRock 50cal 'Single Shot'

9.500" Action Screw Spacing

The forearm is set up for Pic Rail Bi-pod mounting


The stock is designed for ELR competitions and includes the itegral mono-pod. The fore end has an embedded pic rail section allowing you to position your bipod from approx. 12 inches to 17 inches forward of the recoil lug. A balance-tuned rifle is a more accurate rifle.

There is plenty of beef in it to take a beating. We set this stock up to use a Timney-no safety, no bolt release trigger. You may decide to use a Jewel-bottom safety trigger, your call.

Dont close the bolt until you are ready to shoot.


Fully "Adjustable Rear" is our standard including a LOP range from 13 to 16 inches, we suggest 90-110 inch pounds for action screw torque.

 No long waits for your gunsmith to do bedding and pillar jobs, we have done all the work.

The M-LEV "Embedded Anti-Cant Level" will really make a difference at the distances you will probably be shooting.



Embedded Pic Rail, Bipod Mount

Bipod Location, 5 inches long

Bipod Bore Offset, 2 inches

Embedded Action Screws, Stainless Steel

Hardened Tool Steel Sction Screw Inserts

Patented Reciever Support Pads

Patented Embedded Cant Indicator

Premium Pistol Grip

LOP Ajustable, 13-16 inches

Cheek Well Adjustable, 1 1/2 inches

Butt Pad Adjustable, 1 inch

Premium Magnum Butt Pad

Integral Mono-Pod

Mono-Pod Foot, 4 inches long

Dry Weight, 10 pounds


Basic Tool Kit and system instructions included




***** Dont forget to torque your actions screws *****

(Examples of a 'Fight Ready Rifle')

Big Bore M50, ELR Prone Rifle Stock, Single Shot
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