Big Bore M50-DM93-APA Rifle Stock

50BMG Hunter/Competition Rifle Stock

McMillan 50cal RBRP Action

Vintage 9.300" Action Screw Spacing

The forearm is set up for the popular APA bi pod.

The stock is designed to be part of a FCSA "Hunter Class Rifle", something less than 50 pounds total

The Forearm is longer than normal, this puts the bipod pivot at about 14 inches forward of the action

The stock wt is 9.7 pounds and there is plenty of beef in it to take a beating. We set this stock up to use a Timney-no safety, no bolt release trigger. You may decide to use a Jewel-bottom safety trigger, your call. Dont close the bolt until you are ready to shoot.


Fully "Adjustable Rear" is our standard including a LOP range from 13 to 16 inches, we suggest 90 inch pounds for action screw torque.


Slight modifications may be required depending on what trigger you run. Utilizes the OEM trigger guard. Box Mag NOT INCLUDED

 No long waits for your gunsmith to do bedding and pillar jobs, we have done all the work.

The M-LEV "Embedded Anti-Cant Level" will really make a difference at the distances you will probably be shooting.

Dont forget to torque your actions screws.

Big Bore M50-DM93-APA Rifle Stock
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