McRee's Precision G7 Rifle Stock Series


Here is your do it yourself solution, no long waits for your gunsmith to do bedding and pillar jobs, we have done all the work.

Fixed or Side Folding Rear, AR15 rear parts adaptable, you can have it your way.

All models have the M-LEV Anti-Cant level built right it!!

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G7 Rifle Stock G7 Rifle Stock - CARBINE
G7 Rifle StockG7 Rifle Stock - CARBINE

The G7 Stock System fits most popular rifle models It's all you will ever need and then some! drop in DIY "Rifle Chassis/Stock" upgrade that includes our: M-LEV "Embedded Cant-Indicator" US Patent 9170067 Converts your rifle to Accuracy...

The G7-AR Carbine Adaptable: DIY "Rifle Chassis/Stock" upgrade that includes our M-LEV Patented "Embedded Cant Indicator" and converts your rifle to use Accuracy International style box magazines. If you like the AR look just bolt on your...






Its really simple, you can do the change over in minutes with some basic tools to take your rifle apart and put your barreled action into our rifle stock.

All you have to do is follow the drop down menus and build your dream rifle!

(Choose your action/reciever from the drop down list and your on your way)

Your stock ships with a set of tools and instructions to install your barreled action including the action screw torque specification.

This stock uses the *Accuracy International* AICS type magazines