BR-15 Rifle Stock Systems

The BR-15 is available in Non-Folding Fixed Rear, Side-Folding Rear and adapters are available to convert to AR rear parts as well.

You can choose Keymod or MLOK, both systems provide you with a host of mounting solutions

The forearm tube is connected correctly as it should be, simple to remove, rigid, solid and not a bulky connection. These stocks come with a custom scope base in 0 or 20 MOA


McRee BR15 Rifle Stock
McRee BR15 Rifle Stock

REMINGTON 700 Short/Long Action. Fixed Rear or Side-Folding Rear, your choice! This system is designed for all applications. Hunting, Tactical, F-Class and just fun shooting. The Front Tube mounts into the stock,,,,,,,,



Here is your do it yourself solution, no long waits for your gunsmith to do bedding and pillar jobs, we have done all the work.

 (Choose your action/reciever from the drop down list and your on your way)

Your stock ships with a set of tools and instructions to install your barreled action including the action screw torque specification.

This stock uses the *Accuracy International* AICS type magazines